Brussels Language Activities


Mikiyo IKEDA

Mikiyo Ikeda has graduated with a Master degree from Kyoto University of Art.

As she also has accomplished a specialization in a Japanese language Course, she started teaching the Japanese language in Brussels in 2001 and she taught at the Marie Haps Institute from 2003 to 2007.

Mikiyo is very active to promote the cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between European and Japanese cultures. Her aim is to create bilingual relations between Japanese speakers and other Europeans languages. She has also learned tea ceremony, kimono, Japanese styles painting, ceramics and calligraphy, all different aspects of the traditional Japanese culture that she loves to share with her students.



Graduate in Romance Languages and Literatures (UCL 2008), Naomi completed her training with a University Certificate in Teaching French as a Foreign Language (Cedefles, UCL). Naomi bases her teaching on interpersonal and intercultural exchange. She teaches French in Japanese. In addition to theoretical exercises, she offers her students oral exercises (improvisation games) that are used to develop their oral skills in everyday life.


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Caroline has lived in Spain, France and Mexico and has studied in Paris at the Sorbonne. French and Spanish teacher for 25 years, she teaches to Japanese children with creativity and dynamism: in a good atmosphere, children learn with games, crafts, songs, etc.


Paulina BEGUIN

Paulina has graduated from Gdansk University (Poland) where she has obtained BA in English Philology and Master in American Studies. She had an oportunity to be an exchange student at Salzburg University (Austria). She teaches kids and adults of all levels. In her free time she tries to learn foreign languages (French, Dutch).

Shoko GIBU

Obtained a master's degree in linguistics. Hold teaching English license for Junior high and High school. In addition, completed the training with University of Cambridge Certificate (CELTA) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Has attended to the classes as an assistant in Boston and Seattle University. Have worked at public schools in Japan and also in a local language school in Brussels. Experienced to teach from 1 year old to the adult in English and Japanese. Has provided the special lessons with well structured plans to achieve English license and eventually enroll the best universities. The goal of lessons is to make a bridge between Japanese and English. At the same time, guiding the parents how to engage their child at home.


Nozomi KANDA

Graduated from Ferris University (Yokohama, Japan) and the Royal Conservatory of Mons, Nozomi teaches music theory and flute to children and adults of all ages and levels. She also practices the traditional Japanese flute (shinobue) and occurs in concerts and performances combining Western and Japanese music.